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Roundtable Notes

These are just some notes from the Varsity Huddle at Roundtable.  If your calling is in Varsity and you haven't been coming, you're missing out!


August 2008

We learned about and launched paper rockets.  They are easily made in a few minutes and launched from a PVC launcher powered by 50 - 80 psi.  Very fun!  Unfortunately the opening went long so the activity was a bit rushed, but we were stil launching rockets 300+ feet.

PVC Launcher PVC Launcher PVC Launcher

Click for a larger image.

Click here to download plans and instructions


September 2008

We covered an overview of the Varsity program, including the 5 Fields of Emphasis and the 27 Program Features and Varsity Pins.  We also covered an easy to use planning system - get your 1 year calendar in 30 minutes or your money back.

Click here to download the calendaring system


October 2008

Hawks and knives!  Other than maybe guns there isn't much a Varisty Team enjoys more!  We talked about how to make them from steel plate, where to buy them, and how to build a target.  Then we went outside and threw some in a little competition.  The winner got a set of 3 throwing knives.

Click here to download knife and hawk plans

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