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Trek 2022 - Letter to YM and YW Leaders


Dear YM & YW Leaders,

We had a good participation at our Stake Trek Kickoff on Sunday evening. We were able to hand out many of the informational Trek packets, which contained forms to prepare for the Trek: Pre-trek activities, items to bring and not bring to Trek, and the Trek registration form, medical release forms, and photo release forms.  

We need your help. It is vital that we receive the Trek registration, medical release, and photo release forms, (3 pages), back to the Stake Trek Committee within the next 2 weeks.  It is our intention to announce the Trek families at our next Trek Youth activity on Wednesday, April 6th, as we hope to provide opportunities for the youth to get to know their Trek family and prepare for Trek through activities with their Trek families.  As you see we have a short amount of time to accomplish this important part of the Trek.

Please helps us by (1.) Distributing the Trek packets to those who did not attend the Trek Kick-off Devotional to those YM/YW who will be of Trek age by the end of the year.  (2.) Collecting completed Trek registration and release forms. Again, at this time, we only need the Trek registration, medical release and photo release forms (3 pages) filled out and returned as soon as possible.

The Trek packet information will be emailed to you to be printed off and distributed.  It will also be available to be printed off on the St. George North Stake website.

As you collect these forms from the youth, please remember the information they contain needs to be kept confidential.  Kyle and Lori Talbot from WH 1st Ward are the Trek Health & Safety Committee Chairs who will be collecting the registration and release forms.  Please contact them by text or email and they will have the forms picked up from you. Lori 435-680-2462 Kyle 435-703-0931

We hope to get all registration and release forms from all those who want to attend Trek in the next two weeks, however, should there be any new youth who want to attend Trek, please let us know and we will add them in prior to Trek.  We don’t want anyone who wants to go on Trek to be left out of this experience.

We are hoping for as many youths as possible to come be a part of this amazing Trek experience, and appreciate your help in reaching out to the youth of our stake.  We thank you for your help.  We can’t do this without you.


David & JoLynne Miller
Trek Committee Chairs

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